Online E-Learning Portal Hosting



We at Sheel Technologies working in QEEHS domain from last 10 years understand the importance of the regular training and also aware of the time and efforts required for designing, developing and organizing training. To assist your efforts for regular training and preventing accidents due to relaxed attitude, we are planning to launch services for hosting learning portal for individual companies. This service will have learning courses/training aids developed by Sheel Technologies and will include following utilities:


  • 300+ courses/training aids with voice narration by Sheel Technologies.
  • Companies can add their own courses.
  • Companies can add their lesson in Sheel Technologies courses and training aids.
  • Companies can track the use of E-Learning portal by teir employees (by Teacher interface).
  • Individual users can generate certificates for completion of courses to submit to Training department.
  • Blog - Communication platform - To communicate company policies, new development, hazard alerts with employees.
  • Discuss - Discussion platform - Employees can raise question here and teachers can issue answers or clarification.
  • Online tests and quiz.



The portal will be hosted by Sheel Technologies and will be accessible at domain choosen by company.  Teachers (users defined as teachers by company) can add new courses by an intutive interface.



Employees can access E-Learning portal from office or home and can complete trainings. Employees can access their courses, quizzes by 'Employee Page'



Benefits of Online training for Employees

Online training is a valuable and cost-effective method for continuous education and overall productivity enhancement that provides employees with well-rounded individuals and motivated employees dedicated to building the business. The benefits are astounding but here are eight key points to consider:

  • Convenient - As employees struggle to balance the demands of work and home, e-Learning allows them to learn from work, home and on the road.

  • Relevant - Since course content includes the most current topics, e-Learning ensures training is applicable to a person's career path.
  • Immediate - Delivery over the Internet enables e-Learning to begin with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Affordable - Cost savings is a key attraction as corporations save between 50-70% due to elimination of travel expenses according to Training Magazine.
  • Fun - By providing a captivating interactive environment with dynamic content, e-Learning not only effectively keeps people up-to-date, but interested as well.
  • Easy to Use - Open an Internet browser and employees are up and running quickly. ROI to the Max - Affordable online training can be up to 93% cheaper than instructor-led courses.
  • Self Directed and Convenient - Employees to learn at their own pace and maintain control of learning “where, when and how” with unlimited access 24/7.