Compliance Manager

Compliance requirements are becoming complex with increasing number of business processes. Organizations now have many specialized processes just to meet industry specific regulations. At the center of an effective compliance program are the compliance software applications that are easily used with minimal overhead throughout the organization. Compliance software should enable effective and responsive management of compliance activities related to laws, regulations, standards and internal policies.


Sheel Technologies' Compliance Manager is web and mobile solutions for recording, reporting and analysis of compliance data on Enterprise scale. Compliance Manager will help user to record, retrieve and analysis compliance data on company wide network. Its web application acts much like a traditional desktop application. It is very responsive and fluid (Runs everywhere in web browser of Tablet, Mobile & Desktop)

3 Complaince Manager

Following Data can be managed in Compliance Manager

  • Authorities and communication with them
  • Permits (Licenses, permits, authorizations)
  • Compliance register
  • Legislative Requirement Register
  • Corrective and preventive actions




  • Responsive design - 'Compliance Manager' can be used from desktop, tablet and mobiles. At your desk or from field.
  • Email notification to user on assignment of CAPA and compliance actions/Audit.
  • Import and Export from Excel.
  • Reports in Excel, Work and pdf formats.
  • Facility for data filtering, sorting.

5 Complaince Manager computer

Mobile Ready

Compliance Manager is responsive and will adapt to the device, be it desktop, tablet or mobile. Availability of Compliance Manager on mobile platform will encourage your employees to use it. Users can carry out audits from field. 

 Complaince3 complaince manager in mobileS2

Effective Communication

Email notification to identified users will ensure that users will know about new assignments of corrective and preventive actions, compliance actions and compliance audits.


Legal Document Repository

Store all your legal documents at single location. Different versions of document can be stored in document repository, these document can be accessed from anywhere, when you require them.