Environment Engineer

Sheel Technologies' Environment Engineer is web and mobile solution for recording, reporting and analysis of Environment data on Enterprise scale. Environment Engineer will help user to record, retrieve and analysis Environment data on company wide network. Its web application acts much like a traditional desktop application. It is very responsive and fluid (Runs everywhere in web browser of Tablet, Mobile & Desktop)

5 EE in all devices

Following data can be managed in Environment Engineer

  • Effluent Stream Quality & Generation Data.
  • Hazardous waste Generation, Disposal & Inventory Data.
  • Ambient Air Monitoring Data.
  • Stack/vent Quality Data.
  • Authorities and communication with them
  • Permits (Licenses, permits, authorizations)
  • Compliance Register
  • Compliance Management (Liceses, permits etc).
  • Corrective & Preventive Actions.
  • Other Systems like Training, Bio-medical Waste, Rainfall, Ground Water Monitoring, etc).
  • Equipmemts and their maintenance/calibration.
  • Environment Training Records

Features of Environment Engineer

  • Manage Environment Data on Enterprise Scale.
  • User and Role based security.
  • Email Notification on assignment of CAPA, Compliance Actions, Compliance Audits & Violation of Monitoring Data.
  • Reports in pdf, excel and word format.
  • Import/Export data to Excel.
  • Analyze data in Excel without entering the application.
  • Adaptive and custom filtering of records.
  • Each page allows browsing, searching, filtering, updating, inserting & deleting of master & detail records.4 Benifits of EE
  • Mobile users can enjoy full screen experience when working with mobile apps.
  • User interface of mobile apps automatically adjusts for optimal viewing experience on any client device including smart phones, tablets, and desktop computers
  • Environment Training Records

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