Chemical Manager

Manage chemical infromation, their uses in organization, hazards in thier use and precautions at single location. Make all this vital information available to all employees is very improtant to minimise chemical hazards. 'Chemical Manager' is a responsive web and mobile solution for management of chemical information.


'Chemical Manager' store following information:

  1. Chemical information including hazards and MSDS.
  2. Chemical storages locations.
  3. Chemical uses in activites and required safety and PPE information.
  4. Chemical Risk assessment for chemical uses.
  5. Audit management for chemical storage area.
  6. Recording and analysis of incidents involving chemicals.




The features of 'Chemical Manager' includes:
1. Responsive design for desktop and mobile.
2. Import/Export to Excel.
3. Reports in pdf, word and excel.
4. Facility for filtering and sorting of data.
5. Automatic E-mail Notification on new incident.

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