CASA (Safety Audit Software)

CASA is a tool for performing safety audit for plant of any size and nature. It is based on questionnaire with a rating system. It will reduce the time required for management of data collected during safety audit, and thus the auditor can concentrate more on the audit.


Safety Audit is the easiest tool in hand of safety professionals to check the performance of the safety programs, and CASA is the best tool in hand of safety professionals to automate this process.


  • It contains safety audit questionnaire in three levels. Element, Sub-Element and Question
  • You can enter your choice of questions in project selecting from the database.
  • The Questions database can be altered/ enriched with more questions of your pertinence and choice.
  • The Weightage can be assigned to all questions.
  • This questionnaire, with weightage, and rating based on that in %, can be printed.
  • The scope, methodology, document referred, objective, recommendations and executive summary can be saved for all projects in database and can be printed.


The user can define the questionnaire in CASA as per his requirement and pertinence to the process and operation in plant. This questionnaire is editable and updateable. User can choose the principal questionnaire for new audit or can copy questionnaire form any other previous audit.




Option I
This system is based on questionnaire with weightage criteria i.e. Poor, Fair, Good and Excellent assigned to all questions. User shall assign the ratings to all questions as per the safety systems existing in their plant. The questionnaire along with rating and remarks of the auditor can be printed and used in audit report. This system gives a quantitative rating to the plant safety systems and can be used to compare the safety systems of two plants.


Option II
This system is based on questionnaire with variable rating assigned to questions. User has to assign the maximum marks for all questions in "Assign Question Weightage" form User has to assign accredited marks to questions based on the safety systems. This questionnaire along with remarks and marks accredited by auditor during audit can be printed and used in audit report.

Plant Inspection Audit
This systems is based on the round of plant, taken by auditor, and his remarks on the safety systems, including software and hardware, and suggestions for improvement.


Analysis of Option I is based on weightage criteria i.e. Poor, Fair, Good and Excellent assigned to the questions by the auditor while performing audit.

Analysis of Option II is based on the "Performance Grading System" based on colour codes. Colour coding provided for rating analysis is same as used to measure capital market performance, like Dow Jones, or the financial strength of individual enterprises, like S&P ratings. Grading is as follows:



Rating A and A+ represent a system where system is working as per best practices and improvements are possible only by major system changes. Where as B, D and F represent a system where lacunas exist in system in almost all functional areas of systems and major improvements are possible.

User can group the questions in Grid by dragging the column group in the space at the top of the Grid. This type of grouping will help to the elements, sub-elements and questions under the following headings:

For Option I

  • Rating (Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent)
  • Marks accredited
  • Maximum points

For Option II

  • Rating (A+, A, B, D and F)
  • Remarks
  • Maximum marks
  • Marks Accredited


User can toggle the preview of remarks in grid as well as legends and marks in charts.

Comparison of two Audits
User can compare two safety audits, which were carried out in CASA. This comparison helps when there are number of plants whose performance is to be compared or the same plants performance is to be compared for two years (safety audits carried out in CASA only). Apart from final rating, the rating in Option I, colour rating in Option II and questionnaires used in two audits can be compared. Two audits can also be compared with respect to questions, where there is improvement or degradation with respect to another audit. The differences in questionnaire can also be analyze




  • In depth Audit
  • Saving of Time
  • Management of Data
  • Analysis
  • Printing of Report