SheelEE (Environment Engineer)

SheelEE (Environment Engineer) is a software solution to manage the data of Environmental Monitoring (water, wastewater, stack monitoring and ambient air monitoring). SheelEE will also manage data for solid and hazardous waste generation, transfer, treatment and disposal. The data maintained in SheelEE can be analysed with charts, grouping, filtering and sorting in very intuitive ways. User can generate 'Environmental Statement' as per Environmental Protection Rules by just a single click




  • Production
  • Water Consumption
  • Effluent Streams
  • Ambient Air Monitoring Stations
  • Stack/Point Sources
  • Hazardous Waste/Solid Waste




All data, which has been entered in database, can be analyzed to check the behavior of process/treatment system. Tables and charts in different formats (Line, Area, 3D etc.) can be drawn on monthly basis for following data:


  • Production
  • Raw Material Consumption
  • Specific Raw Material Consumption
  • Specific Process Water Consumption
  • Hazardous Waste Generation, Treatment and Disposal.
  • Effluent Quality and Quantity
  • Ambient Air Quality
  • Source Air Parameter




All environmental monitoring data can be maintained at single location. No more time consuming searching of data in different files and computers.

  • Easy retrieval and analysis of data.
  • Environmental monitoring data can be analyzed in numerous ways. It will help the environmental professionals to see the trend and to take corrective actions for new pollution prevention initiatives.
  • Extensive analysis tools like querying, filters, summary reports etc.
  • Data can be exported to Excel for easy sharing with colleagues.
  • Automatic preparation of 'Environmental Statements' as per Environmental Protection Act/Rules.
  • Analysis result can help in preparing other environmental reports like GRI, IFC – ESAP, Application for awards.