SheelHAZOP (HAZOP Software)

custom research paper review HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Analysis) is a hazards identification tool which can be analyzed using SheelHAZOP software. SheelHAZOP is a comprehensive Personal Computer program for the management of Hazard and Operability Studies (Hazops). psychology paper written assistance SheelHAZOP software was designed as an aid to the HAZOP team by providing an easy method of customizing, recording, managing and reporting the study. The main features of SheelHAZOP can be described under the following headings:

write an essay on engineer study abroad scholarship essay help dissertation seminar syllabus 1. Setup/Customisation: The user can input general information about the Hazop study, the system under investigation and the study participants. The user can add to the standard lists of guidewords and parameters to customise the study for a particular type of system. The forms through which the study information is entered can also be customised. When the Hazop study information has been transferred to the SheelHAZOP database it can then be filtered, sorted and reported in a user defined form.

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write research paper 2. Study Editor: The details of the Hazop study are entered into the SheelHAZOP forms that were designed in the setup/customisation phase. In cases where problems are identified which cannot be resolved during the study session then actions are allocated to individuals or groups which are documented in another SheelHAZOP form. The HAZOP study may include risk ranking in which the likelihood and consequence of an event can be defined. please do my assignment  

online master thesis paper writing online 3. Action Editor: The actions which are assigned during Hazop study sessions are documented in the Action Editor. In addition to entering this information into the database, the Action Editor provides features to examine actions based on various selection criteria. writing help for students  

research paper content college goals essay 4. Reports: At any time in the Hazop study SheelHAZOP can be used to selectively display the study information and prepare customised reports for printing. This powerful feature gives the user great flexibility to examine and report on the important information generated during a study. freud vs jung behaviour How To Write Personal Statement 8.1

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Dissertation Write For Payment 2 Weeks The management of the Hazop information is the objective of SheelHAZOP. The software allows the user to customise the interface through which the details of the study are entered. The user can choose to have data entry fields under standard headings such as item, parameter, guidewords or consequence. A set of such information will be called a study record. SheelHAZOP provides the capability for the user to specify that a particular deviation cannot be resolved immediately and that an action record is to be created. It is possible to categorise selected headings in the study and to link these parameters to a risk ranking index that indicates the seriousness of the occurrence. How To Write A Essay Introduction Essay About Environment 8.2


HAZOP studies performed in SheelHAZOP can be analysed with respect to:

  • Risk Ranking
  • Proposed Actions




  • It helps you to customize your Hazop study.
  • It provides a very convenient way to enter and store the study information. The information stored can be filtered sorted and displayed.
  • It also offers a powerful report generator for the printing of quality reports.
  • Risk Ranking and Proposed Actions Analysis is also possible.