SheelLearn (HSE Training)

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HSE Trainings are Important

Routine work can dull alertness and a relaxed attitude can replace the caution that existed when the job was new and interesting. In many jobs the same route is travelled daily over the same roads or the same tasks are repeated with little conscious thought. Without some periodic reawakening to the ever-present hazards, lethargy deepens and the odds of an accident occurring can increase.

SheelLearn Software

SheelLearn Software is a tool to assist organizations to train their HSE & Non HSE employees, contractors, business associates who are directly connected to their organization. SheelLearn can also be effectively used for self training by the employees to refresh their memory on different HSE topics time to time. SheelLearn have training aid's with Voice Narration and Quiz in multiple languages. SheelLearn incorporate training aid's on almost all Safety, Environment, Health & Quality domain.

SheelLearn Software Features

  1. 250+ Training Aid's
  2. Multiple Languages (English, Hindi, Marathi & Gujarati)
  3. Voice Narration
  4. Interactive Quizzes
  5. Extensive Topics
  6. Cost Effective

SheelLearn Software Benefits

  1. Train employees in language they understand easily.
  2. Develop safety culture by training & making employees aware about different workplace safety aspects & operations.
  3. Use presentation mode for classroom training.
  4. Use video mode for quick information on topic.
  5. Use quiz for interaction after training.
  6. Available on yearly subscription @ cost effective rates.

** Present SheelLearn Software Offer **

  1. Save 10% on purchase of 5 SheelLearn Software Licenses
  2. Save 30% on purchase of 10 SheelLearn Software Licenses
  3. Save 60% on purchase of 20 SheelLearn Software Licenses