SheelPOOL (Risk Analysis Software)

SheelPool is a software tool for calculating consequences of pool fires. Sheel Pool calculates the following consequences based on input data-


  • Incident Flux at a particular point i.e. 37.5 KW/m2, 25 KW/m2, 12.5 KW/m2 and 4 KW/m2.
  • 1 %, 50 % and 99 % casuality radius.
  • Pool Fire characteristics like Pool Radius, Height, Burning Velocity, Heat Released, etc.
  • Emissive Power of Flame


User can maintain different scenarios in easy to use tree format. SheelPool allows to group different scenarios by plant and equipment for easy retrieval. SheelPool comes with the single computer key and can be installed on single computer.