SheelRAT (Risk Assessment Tools)

The SheelRAT software was designed as an aid to the risk assessment team by providing an easy method of customizing, recording, managing and reporting the risk assessment study. It is software solution for managing HAZOP, JHA, FMEA, WhatIF & PHA projects.

Every year, thousands of people in India are injured at work, or have their health seriously harmed in the workplace. That is why risk assessment is so important, as the key to healthy workplaces. Risk assessment is a dynamic process that allows enterprises and organisations to put in place a proactive policy of managing workplace risks.

For these reasons, it is important that all types and sizes of enterprise carry out regular assessments. Proper risk assessment includes, among others things, making sure that all relevant risks are taken into account (not only the immediate or obvious ones), checking the efficiency of the safety measures adopted, documenting the outcomes of the assessment and reviewing the assessment regularly to keep it updated.



HAZOP, PHA, JHA, WhatIF and FMEA are widely used formal technique for examining potential safety and operational problems associated with a system. These studies are usually carried out by a team, headed by a chairman and a secretary, who have experience
both in the use of the technique and the system under investigation. These risk assessment techniques are widely used by safety professional to identify hazards and risks and take measures to reduce and eliminate these risks



  • Record and manage multiple type of risk assessment projects (HAZOP, JHA, FMEA, WhatIF, PHA)
  • Print the reports in Microsoft Excel.
  • Record and manage the details of sessions and participants.
  • Review the risk assessment project to help the team to get bird's eye-view of the project and incrementally improve the project.
  • Review the action items with graphical analysis.