For compliance identification, monitoring and data management.

SheelLegal2.0 is system-based software solution for EHS professionals working in industry. It will help them immensely to maintain the compliance with ever-changing legislative requirements. It will also be of great help in meeting the ISO 14001/ISO45001 requirements.

No need to manage bulky books

300+ updated EHS statutes

Extensive Cross Linking

Easy Search of text in EHS Statutes

Bookmarking Utility

Manage LRR

Manage Compliance Audit Checklist

Compliance Monitoring & CAPA

Track Compliance Monitoring Records

Track Corrective & Preventive Actions

Fill and Manage Regulatory Forms

Chemical info listed in MSIHCR

  1. Dashboard - Dashboard shows the overview of Compliance Monitoring and CAPA status.      
  2. Regulations - Hyperlinked Acts/Rules related to Health, Safety & Environment with search and bookmark Utility. More than 300+ Acts/Rules with text spanning more than 1 Lakh pages.
  3. Regulatory Knowledgebase - Brief synopsis on major acts & rules in easy to understand English.
  4. Legislative Requirement Register (LRR) - Manage your Legislative Requirements Register & Compliance Audit Checklist. Master list of Legislative requirements identified and segregated in Approval, Reporting, Monitoring and Ensuring classes. User can copy the requirements applicable to him to his LRR and/or Compliance audit Checklist.
  5. Compliance Monitoring - Utility to track the Annual Compliance Monitoring and records Compliance Audit Data as per the LRR utility.
  6. SheelFORMS - Fill the regulatory forms and maintain their records . Filled forms can be saved as excel files.
  7. CAPA - Record and track the corrective and preventive actions. Easily find pending corrective/preventive actions.
  8. Calculators - Calculators which requires sequential calculations. 10 such calculators are included. Also includes unit convertors and simple calculators.
  9. Chemical MSDS Data - Chemical information of chemicals listed in Manufacture, Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemicals Rules with quick link to 'International Chemical Safety Card', 'Emergency Response Guide' and 'NIOSH chemical database' (Require internet connection).
  10. Knowledgebase - QHEES related information in glossary format. No need to look for other resources for QHEES related information.
  11. Learning - Trainings with voice narration on selected Environment, Health and Safety Acts and rules.




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