SheelLegalEB – E-Book of 300+ Environment, Health and Safety regulations.

SheelLegalEB is the compilation of 300+ Environment, Health & Safety Acts & Rules with Cross-linking, Search and Bookmarking Utility. SheelLegalEB comes with following services to keep user updated about ever-changing legislative requirements –
1. Monthly SheelNewsletter to update changes in Statutes.
2. Regular email to keep user updated about ever-changing Statutes.

No Need to Manage Bulky EHS Regulations

300+ updated Safety, Health & Environment acts and rules

Extensive Cross-linking for Easy Navigation

Easy Search

Bookmark the most referred locations

Regular Amendment Updates of Acts and Rules

  1. Regulatory Updates -  Fortnight Publication having information on ever-changing Statutes (Amendments, Office Orders, Notifications).
  2. SheelNewsletter - Monthly Publication having information on latest issues of Safety, Health and Environment in form of artciles, etc.
  3. Cross-linking – EHS Statutes are hyperlinked for easy navigation between acts and rules.      
  4. Search – Search all EHS regulations or a particular Legislation for any text. No need to read all Acts/Rules.
  5. Bookmarking – Bookmark most referred locations for quick future visit . This utility will save time.
  6. Extensive Regulatory Knowledgebase – Briefs on major acts & rules in simple (easy to understand) English.




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