Cloud based software enriched with extensive EHS Compliance and EHS Training Knowledgebase. is a cloud-based portal enriched with extensive EHS Compliance and EHS Training Knowledgebase. It can help to keep track of ever-changing legal updates, legal orders, directions issued by different Center and State Ministries and Government departments along with a full updated text of environment, health and safety regulations and their identified legal requirements. It can also help organizations in training their employees, contractors on a daily basis with available 1000+ EHS Training Videos and 260+ EHS Training Courses. Safety training of different areas like work at height, manual handling, ladder safety, welding safety, aerial safety, generator safety, housekeeping, electrical safety, fire safety, lockout tagout, Hazard and risk, MSDS, NFPA Diamond, chemical safety and many others are available @ It has utility to define legal registers from identified legal requirements, define training courses from available training content, manage tasks with due date and subscribe the applicable EHS regulations to receive their amendment notifications in message box.

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