A cloud-based solution to plant, do and track risk assessments.

SheelRisk is cloud based solution to plant, do and track risk assessments in any type of organization. Different modules incorporate in SheelRisk as listed below. All these modules are planned in SheelRisk. The modules in black color are presently available and being released in beta. Modules in red color are actively being developed and will be released from time to time. Presently no documentation is available, but the modules are very easy to use and intuitive. SheelRisk not only include risk register and action plans but also all widely used risk assessment methods.

Risk Management  

• Risk Register (Download PDF)
• Action Management (CAPA) (Download PDF)

Hazard Identification

• Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)
• (Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control) HIRARC
• (Hazard Identification) HAZID (Download PDF)
• WhatIF
• (Hazard & Operability Study (HAZOP) (Download PDF)
• Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA)
• Chemical Hazard Assessment
• Machine Hazard Assessment
• PPE Hazard Assessment
• Job PPE Hazard Assessment

Consequence Analysis

• Explosion
• High Pressure Rupture
• Pool Fire
• Vertical Jet Flame

Risk Index

• Fire & Explosion Index
• Chemical Exposure Index

Ergonomics Risk Assessment

• Quick Exposure Check
• Job Strain Index
• Hand Activity Level
• REBA Assessment
• RULA Assessment
• Hand Arm Vibration Assessment
• Whole Body Vibration Assessment
• ART Assessment
• RAPP Wheeled Assessment
• RAPP Assessment

What Is SheelRisk? 




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